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Author:  Craig [ Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  READ THIS FIRST - G&L Knowledgebase

If this is your first post here, please read this first: Welcome! Read This First.

Please review or search the two sub-forums, General G&L Questions and G&L Technical Questions & Tips, before posting your question, as it may have already been answered.
Check the sub-forums of the G&LDP, in case your question was asked and answered there. Also, I may move your question into one of the G&LDP sub-forums to get better
exposure, and as a result, hopefully a quicker response from our G&L member community. Choose the most appropriate sub-forum for posting your question.

For G&L Technical Questions & Tip posts: Pictures are worth a thousand words and will help us help you!
Please post photos showing your current setup, such as the bridge, string alignment,
Tuners and nut, term claw and springs. Also, indicate the string gauge, and current setup
settings. It is also helpful in knowing the build year and whether you bought it new or used.
As much detail about any changes made to the instrument, such as, I recently changed string gauge ..., etc.
Include the serial number, completion date (if known), as this will help determine the factory setup settings.
Your location can be a factor, so include it, too.
If you are getting no where with the current setup, try setting it up to the current factory setup as a starting point.
Then make small changes at a time, dialing in your preference set up.
Also, check this post out: RESOURCE: Paul's Technicalities sub-forum on

We recently added a new sub-forum called Specifications and Options. It contains the current and some past Specifications and Options plus example photos of most Options.

Helpful Hint: Click the LINKs to view each sub-forum sorted by Subject.

We hope to get our more knowledgeable enthusiasts here to post useful information and answers to your questions related to G&L instruments.

NOTE: this is a work in progress! If you have any suggestions for this Forum, please post them in the G&LDP forum & site Discussion Forum. Thanks!

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